OkeraAdventures -BikeRafting Adventure Guide-

OkeraAdventures -BikeRafting Adventure Guide-

about OkeraAdventures

OkeraAdventures provide cycling guide in and around Shimanto of Kochi prefecture, at west side of Shikoku island in western Japan.
Located near the breathtaking clear Shimanto river and panoramic view of Pacific Ocean over the coastline, we will support and guide you to various adventures in nature, from mountains, rivers to the ocean along with bicycles.
Let’s go cycling with us to see special spots and views yet unknown to public.
We have many cycling courses and trip plans available upon your request: cycling through mountain trails and community paths which have been maintained by “Henro” (the sacred culture of pilgrimage) and local people for centuries. We can also pack rubber boats on bicycles to the riverside and go river rafting with bicycle on the boat and then cycling back home. We can arrange and custom the tour upon your physical conditions and cycling experiences, so contact us if you are interested in special adventures even a bit.
You came all the way to this western most tip of Kochi for some fun, then why don’t you enjoy the nature and the country at full speck with us !?

オケラアドベンチャーズは、四国の左下・高知県の四万十エリアとその周辺をエリアとするサイクリングガイドです。日本で唯一(※2021年3月調べ)、バイクラフティングのガイドツアーを常時催行しています。もう一度言いましょう、日本で唯一です( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ




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